What I Do

When I'm not diving, painting or riding the woodland trails, walking the dog,
cooking a real curry or running a taxi service for my girls!

Illustration Illustration

Illustrations allow ideas to be communicated quickly, to enforce words, help with site navigation and reflect your brand. My drawn images can be technical, abstract, inspired and great fun! I love drawing – using traditional skills as well as digital tools and am not fixed to one style. 

Web Design Web Design

How your website is found and then used, viewed and interacted with is no black art but achieved with simple strategies and common sense. It must have strong visual impact that upholds your brand, communicate clearly what you are trying to say and allow the user to navigate easily

Packaging Design Packaging Design

A product requires packaging that will not only protect it physically but will also sell itself. It must reflect your brand and communicate effectively what your product is, why it is unique and how it works, what it tastes like, it’s place in a range and stand out on the shelf.

Has anyone seen my bloody glasses?

I am available for freelance design, artwork or illustration work for a daily rate, at your place of work or from my own studio. I am conversant with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In-Design as well as having a good understanding of HTML and CSS. Please get in touch for current availability and day rate.

When working on-site, please don’t sit me in front of your oldest, slowest Mac and please have decent, real coffee available, otherwise you won’t get the best from me. Donuts are also good.

Invite to Work


What real people have really said!

Paul Bryars

“Steve is an experienced designer, he has a wide range of skills, he’s creative, resourceful and generally plays well with others.”

Creative Director – JFD

- Paul Bryars
Tony Grant

“Steve is a committed team member, friendly and easy to work with, maintaining a professional approach to any task. He has a natural ability with his Pantone crayons… hardly ever going over the lines!”

Project Manager – Dezac

- Tony Grant
Mike Skidmore

“I’v worked with Steve on a number of projects and he made the whole process so easy. Not only does he have great creative skills but he is also commercially astute with a great knowledge of business objectives. He is an all round good guy to work with.”

Creative Professional

- Mike Skidmore