What lies beneath

The concept of the ‘what lies beneath’ branding is to portray that on the surface the Halton is a well organised, well kited out liveaboard to dive from, while beneath there is a whole lot of crap going on to make it like that.

After enjoying a cracking weeks diving on the Halton, who wouldn’t want a souvenir? Bob, skipper of the Halton, asked me to come up with a design for a hoody, one that everyone would want… so I went overboard on an illustration that I felt summed up the diving on the Halton, from the crew with serious attitude to awesome wreck diving and marine life with a tank full of quirky humour. I absolutely loved creating this character, and carrying on the humour to the mugs that are so welcomingly full of a strong hot brew while the salt water is still dripping from your kit.

Halton Charters