Rio Beauty needed to promote sales by offering their retail customers POS devices that physically held products for tactile engagement by the consumer. The structure of these devices were created by Design Activity, which I then took to develop the graphics and visualise up for sales sheets to communicate them to the retailer. These were entirely done in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, with no use of 3D software other than the actual products. These were rendered by the product design team to my specified angle and lighting requirements to drop into the visuals.

Fabulous Nails – LED Gel Polish

As project manager I was responsible with liaising with both the polish manufacturers and the in house Research and Development team who developed the UV, LED light box used for curing the gel polish. Following the Rio brand I created the packaging design and artwork as well as the instructional guide contained with the product. The gel bottle labels were created in Adobe illustrator and the bottle renders in Photoshop.

I was required to fully understand how the product works in order to write and develop the user guide, including creating all instructional illustrations. I am not ashamed to say I became an expert on nail care and polish application and removal… much to the benefit of my daughters at the time.