Branding, tool design, functionality spec and illustration

To assist divers at Scapa flow, I was asked by Bob Anderson, skipper of the Halton, to develop an online tool that would allow the mapping of lost fishing gear on the iconic wrecks. Known as ‘Ghost Fishing’ the lost nets, rope, pots and monofilament continues to trap and kill marine life and is a hazard to divers. Originally designed for the site but now also used by other third party sites for mapping other wrecks around the UK with the potential to be used on any wreck site globaly.

The Sea Clean Machine allows vector maps to be uploaded, including information about the wreck (history, depth and state of wreck) which can then have skippers and divers log into the tool to mark positions of lost gear. Where possible descriptions and photos of the gear can also be included. These plots can then be confirmed by a team of divers during the dive season. The plot icons are then updated or removed. At the end of the season a group of divers called ‘Ghost Fishing UK’ assess the plotted gear and expertly removes the gear from the wreck – often to have the material recycled.

The plots are then updated to ‘recovered’ and data entered to record what and how much has been cleared. This data is then used by researchers to monitor the states of the wrecks and highlight to appropriate authorities the help control the polluting of the seas.

I have been diving these wrecks for a few years now, mapping them with teams of divers to create the illustrations of the wrecks… well someones got to do it.

Branding and user interface design for – the tool developed for



Steampunk style illustration created in Adobe Illustrator showing the logo I also created for the project.

Website and interface built by Mike Postons

Sea Clean Machine